Our Story

Ergonomics is the science of providing work environments optimizing injury free design, maximizing productivity and quality outcomes.

Our passion is the prevention and rapid recovery of ergonomic discomforts and injuries. Our successful history is exceptional due to coordinated extensive on-site clinic and work site services.

Ergovalley was established soon after Sue Patenaude, PT MA CIE placed onsite Physical Therapy clinics in 2 largest employers in Silicon Valley (1983). These clinics were in the aerospace and high-tech industries. Ergonomic injuries, especially carpal tunnel, became endemic. An onsite clinic remains in the original aerospace company today.

Engineers and staff were repeatedly reporting the same 6 discomforts, carpal tunnel symptoms being the most prevalent. Treatment delivered temporary solutions but did not abolish symptoms. Engineers wanted to work without pain and associated work interruption. Our staff gained permission to go to our client’s work area and observe their work behaviors and postures.

Soon, consistent movement pattern issues were identified. Treatments were successful. Engineers began to ask for and help develop training programs to help themselves and their coworkers! Our ergonomic services began and rapidly grew. Our Physical Therapy academic and experience was augmented by acquiring Ergonomic certification with Oxford Research Institute.

We have been fortunate to provide ergonomic services to a variety of industries; manufacturing and office. The training included on this website is for computer work; however, the 6 most common ergonomic discomforts discussed in the office training apply to any motions during all movement activities.

Kathryn Meeks, PT DPT CEA (optimizingmotion.com) has partnered with Ergovalley for over 30 years.
She offers onsite ergonomic services to assist business, communities and individuals with prevention and recovery strategies. Sue Patenaude, PT MA CIE offers remote and eCommerce consulting.

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