Create sustainable ergonomic strategies by training local employee advocates.

Our Train the Trainer programs have been very successful in assisting the continuum of low risk computer entry behaviors. The observations produce significant reduction in injury rates. Interested employee advocates are trained to identify critical elements of low risk computer entry strategies, including work station set up, tools and computer entry behaviors. Their activities include the following:

  • Work Practice observations and Administrative recommendations
  • Engineering observations – suggest areas of modification
  • Behavioral/Postural observations – identify high risk movements, recommend modifications
  • Identify and offer corrective actions for ergonomic risks using customized or existing check list
  • Track completion
  • Option: Assign risk scores for current individual and group status; track improvements
  • As risk decreases, need for professional consulting decreases

Advocate responsibilities: observe coworkers and provide peer coaching to improve posture related safe work practices. Allows access to trained coworker throughout shift.

Quick Training – Stay comfortable at the computer Maintain quality and productivity