Kathryn Meeks, PT DPT CAE works in the San Francisco Bay Area and is available for in person services. Her evaluations can be done by existing corporate checklists, Ergovalley checklists, or customized checklists. Report formats with photos, appropriate for management or medical requirements are available.
Sue Patenaude PT MA CIE lives and works out of the Phoenix area and is available for remote services. These evaluations can be done by phone or computer, with photos or live streaming. Checklist or report documentation is available.
During evaluations, individual work site set up, adjustments, tools and entry technique are addressed.


Kathryn and Sue are available for group training. A basic computer entry session is usually an hour and can be done remotely through computer meeting strategies or in person. As can be seen in our resumes, Kathryn and Sue have extensive teaching and large meeting experience.
Following training or individual evaluation, the client will be aware of the value of low risk computer entry behaviors, how to accomplish them and how the roll of tools and set up integrate with the individual computer entry behaviors and computer task requirements. Injury prevention is stressed including the need for early identification of discomfort and immediate mediation. Reporting requirements are addressed per management request.

Quick Training – Stay comfortable at the computer Maintain quality and productivity