Our focus is on computer entry techniques and the avoidance of discomfort and injury, while using a computer.

The information stresses use of low risk motions and how to find equipment that will encourage the most likely, consistent, implementation. We all use our hands, upper extremities and postures differently. Just as athletes are taught to modify their techniques, computer users can be taught to minimize the risk for discomfort leading to injury. Often, computer users are instructed to purchase a new mouse or keyboard, without understanding that it is the technique used with the mouse or keyboard that will make mitigate the risk. If new equipment produces use of previous high-risk techniques, the discomfort will not be abolished, or the risk eliminated.

Training includes information for existing work station equipment and chair adjustments. Monitor height and placement is addressed, as are any other questions the client may have.

Previous clients have reported their surprise and appreciation following these interactions as they find the information to be thorough, producing reliably increased comfort and ease of consistent application. The training experience is our passion. We have been excited with the outstanding results expressed by our thousands of clients over the 30+ years of corporate and individual service.

Training is developed for generic use and can be customized per request. Training can be delivered via remote technologies or in person. On line training is available for individual use as needed.

Quick Training – Stay comfortable at the computer Maintain quality and productivity