Ergonomic Sustainability

With our assistance, our clients understand the necessity of personal accountability to avoid computer related discomforts leading to injury. Changing habits is not easy, however, with a little perseverance and identification of the appropriate set up and tools, computer work can be comfortable and injury free.

Clients understand that finding the right tools to enhance use of low risk postures and movements will be necessary. Just changing a mouse or keyboard will not guarantee elimination of higher risk behaviors. The mouse and/or keyboard that assists the user in using low risk movements is key. This includes identifying the appropriate chair and work surface, including the correct adjustments.

With the appropriate tools, set up and low risk behaviors, discomfort is preventable and reversible. Injury is unnecessary!

These concepts are key information for individuals or program service providers. When employees move to new work areas or change employers, the information they have learned will maintain computer comfort assuming the low risk behaviors and postures are employed.

The concepts shown in our training have been successful with thousands of employees from all types of work environments and education levels. We were truly fortunate to have learned “what works” from our clients, including engineers and their support groups throughout Silicon Valley.

Our “Train the Trainer” program significantly enhances the sustainability of a highly successful process.

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